IT’S IN THE GAME ‘18 or Mirror Gag for Projection and Two Universal Shot Trainers with Nasal Cavity and Pelvis, 2018 Nam June Paik Award 2018 - International Media Art Prize of the Kunststiftung NRW, Westfälischer Kunstverein, Münster, Germany
November 10, 2018 - February 3, 2019

Digital video projection in a room painted Rosco Chroma Key Blue, color, sound (looped), 2 Spalding universal shot trainer sculptures with painted steel, hardware and 3 including an Acer 17" 4:3 monitor, privacy screen, SD video (looped)
The single channel video in IT’S IN THE GAME... was commissioned by the Henie Onstad Kunstsenter, Oslo (HOK) and the Institute of Contemporary Art (ICA), University of Pennsylvania in 2017 for the exhibition Myths of the Marble.
watch projection video here

Photo: Thorsten Arendt